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Things you WILL NEED TO KNOW about this game setting.

*1: Draconic is a heavily restricted language. Wizards, Sorcerers, Magus and other magic using or based classes(Arcane and/or Divine, but arcane mostly.) use their own language created by an old and very well known group of high ranking officials of each of the classes that this may pertain to.

*2: Their will be blood, this setting is meant to put ‘hopefully’ the players in damned if you do and damned of you don’t scenarios and adventures, and add a bit more depth to it all.

*3: Oh yeah! Combat can happen at any time, maybe because you looked as someone’s gal a little too ‘hard’ or unknowingly stumbled upon some raider’s secret outpost. Witch means not everything will be scaled to level. Sorry.

*4: Knowledge is Power. there is very little that is off limits with the pathfinder game books ask me and I’ll let you know.

5: *_No more revisions_

Main Page

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