Omens of a Black Sky

Day 1: Welcome to Titan's Fell.

“This is where we begin.”-An old Dwarven proverb.

The setting of this game is in the world Garm, on the continent of Mariun filled with many nations, some at war with each other and some at war with themselves. You have all set out into the world for your own reasons either benign or malevolent, but that doesn’t matter so much as that you have all arrived at one of the slightly more known trading hubs for the south western area of Mariun, the most well known of these trad cities is Hastur witch is hailed for it extensive abundance of variety of goods and wares.

Titan’s Fell is a bustling city (med.) is a big town to some of you, it sits a way point for those looking to venture through the untamed parts of the wilderness, and those seeking a means to get to other larger cities like Hastur. Titan’s Fell is between The Burning sands a Desert that goes to the sea and The Headlands a semi-lush desert environment. It is also filled with potential for making a name for one’s self or becoming just another wanna-be hero who just didn’t have what it takes. Either way Titan’s Fell is where we start.


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